Friday 4 December 2015

Get Me Free #100: Stroik - Lonely Feather

Article by KevW

As far as heaps of info about Stroik goes, unless you know him, you probably have about as much as we do, which is next to nothing. More details will arise in the future though, as 'Lonely Feather' is the first track to be taken from the US artist's solo album which is due next year, so some sort of promotional campaign is likely. His SoundCloud page lists various other recordings, so this isn't his first dalliance with making music, and he's also done remix work. So we can probably assume he's not a complete amateur and knows what he's up to.

This single proves that to be the case, as Stroik has created a very pretty and simple, almost lo-fi indie/pop ballad, but without any of the slushiness or boredom that can often be attached to that word. 'Lonely Feather' uses strummed electric guitar, basic percussion and slightly lovelorn vocals which all culminate is a warm and fuzzy song with a quite graceful quality. A few backing vocals are included too which means that although the song is relatively stripped-back, the sound is a full one. When lead guitar is used it's quite maudlin but the solo enhances the track further. 'Lonely Feather' is really lovely and if you think otherwise then you need to wash your ears out.

Stroik's website

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