Monday 14 December 2015

Those Manic Seas - Outlier

Article by KevW

Well this is interesting:  "Our 'lead singer' is not a real person, which makes an interesting show," says member Daniel Medley. "And if the singer doesn't make sense, coming to our show will clear it all up. We really are a live band.". Unfortunately, going to a live show will have to wait for UK and European folks, as Those Manic Seas are based in Virginia, but once their debut album (currently in production and due in the first half of 2016) is released then perhaps they'll make the trip across the ocean for some gigs. They're not lacking when it comes to aspiration, and state that they want to push the boundaries of what a rock band should be. 

The press release for current single 'Outlier' says they're a four-piece, but their website lists only three members - one of which is presumably the lead singer who isn't real. It's all a bit confusing but I'm sure it will become apparent in time. Most importantly is whether or not their tunes are any good, and going off this you'd have to say that they are. 'Outlier' is a big song designed for big stages, yet it doesn't sound overly-commercial. Those manic Seas do seem to be stretching themselves musically and have crafted a song that leaves an impression and is brimming with confidence. The balance between alternative and mainstream is about right if they're to fulfill their potential. We haven't heard the last of this lot...

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