Saturday 26 December 2015

Maudlin Strangers - Sunny Day Rain

Article by KevW

It's been an exciting year for Maudlin Strangers. It's difficult to believe that this music is the work of a bedroom producer, as it sounds like a tight-knit and accomplished group, but the sounds are created by Californian Jake Hays (although he does have a full band for live performances). His debut EP, 'Overdose', was released in January and attracted some very positive reviews. Since then things have gone from strength to strength, with a nationwide tour supporting Bad Suns, a headline solo tour and a recent set of dates with Cold War Kids. It has been mentioned that there's a dark side to the music of Maudlin Strangers, but that's not totally obvious on this latest single.

Given the state of the current weather, as well as the sound of the song, 'Rainy Day Sun' might be a better title. Lyrically this might not be all it seems, with lines like "it's a darkened sky, that is no way to be happy", but musically this is indeed liquid sunshine, and the words of the song do start to pick up with talk of optimism. 'Sunny Day Rain' is almost a modern update of new-wave, but it seems too bright and cheerful for that, mixing upbeat electro-pop and indie in a similar way to what Hockey were doing a few years ago. This is one for the dance floor, the radio and the alternative crowd. For Maudlin Strangers, the future really is looking bright.

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