Friday 25 December 2015

Get Me Free #129: Giga Herbs - Mr Spaceship

Article by KevW

If a regular supply of quality free downloads is something that appeals to you, you can of course check the site every day because we give away a new tune each morning, but it's also worth giving Love Our Records a follow, because they're a free download label and have supplied us with a steady stream of good music for ages now. They're currently giving away the new single from Staten Island group Giga Herbs, "Three boys and one girl [who] make some kinda space rock indie disco music.".

'Mr Spaceship' is taken from their new album 'Mad Deep' and it's a trippy journey through twangy guitars, spooky synths, cosmic lyrics and general psych-pop goodness. This song's sa colourful as the artwork and doesn't try to be pretentious in any way, instead opting to take a catchy tune and turn it into a huge chunk of ear candy. It's a little surreal and a little poppy but still firmly belongs in the world of alternative music. In fact, it's a bit like an early recording by The Coral covered by some madcap American group, and if that doesn't sound intriguing then you should go back to you Ed Sheeran records.

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