Saturday 19 December 2015

Get Me Free #115: Mustardmind - The Amulet/The Clause

Article by KevW

Mustardmind have got their act together pretty quickly. The four-piece from New York only formed this year but there's not much demo-like about new double A-side single 'The Amulet'/'The Clause'. Despite the tongue-in-cheek description of their music being "Pre Post Rock" (for those of you with a Saturday morning hangover, that would imply simple rock), Mustardmind aim for an experimental and atmospheric sound, and put plenty of work into their live shows. While currently not groundbreaking, they definitely are ones for putting plenty into their music and stretching their boundaries.

The stuttering intro to 'The Amulet' has different sounds hidden below the surface, and although it could be a more traditional song with a riff, verses and chorus, the addition of various guitar textures and background effects does give it more depth. The best of the two is 'The Clause' which is more catchy and takes in an electro-rock approach. It's more of a "single" sounding track and more suited to radio play or for casual listeners who are new to the band, but that's not to say it doesn't innovate as much, it's probably the most inventive of the two songs here. In fact, there's something about 'The Clause' that might remind people of Manson, a group who successfully combined experimentation with hits and gained a massive following. Mustardmind will be looking to do the same.

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