Monday 28 December 2015

PREMIERE: By Light We Loom - Scientist

Article by KevW

A few years ago there was a spate of husband and wife/boyfriend and girlfriend duos popping up in the indiepop world, but that kind of pairing has been less prevalent of late. Has the romance gone out of the genre a touch? Not with Cleveland's By Light We Loom it hasn't. The married couple of Eric Ling and Shanna Delaney have been making sweet music together for several years as part of indie-folk group Bethesda, but this year they launched a new direction as a two-piece, releasing their first EP, 'The Ignition', at the start of summer. The follow-up, 'Caught In The Tide', is set for release on January 12th and takes this new, more electronic sound a step further with a solid set of songs that could each be a single.

There's potential for By Light We Loom to transcend the niche world of indiepop too, and you need look no further than 'Scientist' to see why. With a fully-realised sound, heaps of melody and a strong, slightly soulful vocal, it crosses into alt-pop territory without seeming engineered for a mass market. The music is simply good enough and universal enough to warrant one. It's no one-off either. 'Caught In The Tide' is also cleanly produced to give a clarity that allows the individual parts to not go unnoticed - it's the antithesis of groups that use heavy distortion, reverb and echo to achieve a full sound, By Light We Loom do so using subtly detailed and intricate layers. Even more tunefulness is ploughed into 'Clouds Will Cover Us' which is maybe the biggest production of all thanks to the sea of backing vocals that envelop the chorus and give the song even more lift. 'Cardinal' is similarly considered and has the same attention to detail and memorable melodies that permeate this EP, making sure that there's never a dip in quality. These tracks are bright, fresh, and full of promise, and By Light We Loom are a duo to fall in love with.

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