Saturday 26 December 2015

Psychobaby - Baby

Article by KevW

As I've just found out, if you do an internet search (particularly an image search) for Psychobaby then you get a whole bunch of strange results, so we'll leave some links below and give you their vital statistics here. The quartet from Brooklyn formed last year and have recently revealed their first video to the single 'Baby'. If you like what you hear, then give them a follow for news on an upcoming EP titled 'Rough Start'. It's a fairly fitting name, but then you wouldn't really expect a band called Psychobaby to be smooth and polished adult contemporary pop, would you?

The name might conjure up images of groups like The Cramps, and there are a few of their fingerprints over 'Baby', but other punk bands, especially of the New York scene, are perhaps the biggest influence, as well as '90s alt-rock. This is pretty hectic and has an almost new-wave vibe to it at times, and the lyrics are a little cryptic which adds to the air of mystery. You could perhaps describe Psychobaby as a high energy, female-fronted version of The Ramones with a goth streak running through their music (something their name does perhaps hint at). 'Baby' is a bit of a riot for all the right reasons.

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