Friday 25 December 2015

Get Me Free #121: XO For The Holidays Vol. VIII

Article by KevW

Merry Christmas one and all - and if you don't celebrate Christmas, then happy 25th December! As it's the time for giving, today we'll be dishing up a bumper crop of twelve editions of "Get Me Free", one for each day of Christmas! These will largely be non-festive tunes, because you're already getting sick of those, right? But... is your mum hunting out the Michael Bublé CD to play over dinner? Grandad dusting off the Max Bygraves LP for its annual spin? Fear not, because XO Publicity have provided a free alternative soundtrack featuring nine artists who make for a much more palatable listen for fans of less mainstream music like us. So grab it now and serve it up as new festive alternative to the same old pap you hear every year. You might even find that the rest of the family dig it as well - there's a little something for everyone here.

First up, Stubborn Sun deliver some slightly grizzled but mellow and melodic alt-rock with the cosy 'Snowed In'; indiepop queen Piney Gir whips out her country side for the classic-sounding, foot-tapping 'Rootin Tootin Santa Clause'; we're given some new-wavey synth-pop with a definite '80s thing going on from The Winter Sounds with 'Mas X'; ArtPeace offer up something for the pop fans amongst us with their Tinseltown-themed 'Winter Wanderland'; there's booming, atmospheric alt-rock loveliness from Joseph Demaree and the slow-burning 'Celebrating Every Day'; for anyone who's not really a fan of the holiday season we have Câlisse and the slacker, lo-fi indie of 'Not A Holiday Song' (complete with sleigh bells and a brass section); if you've always wanted a roaring shoegaze cover of 'Hazy Shade Of Winter' then MAGNUSON have that nailed for you; Alejandra O'Leary's delectable vocal is all over ace alt-country/rock track 'Merry Christmas Baby'; and REVOLT REVOLT wrap things up nicely with a warped, dark but oddly stately version of 'White Christmas'. This is a collection to help the day go a bit better and introduce your loved ones to some decent music by stealth!

Download or stream: 'XO For The Holidays Vol. VIII'

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