Friday 25 December 2015

Get Me Free #132: Red Sleeping Beauty - Merry Christmas, Marie

Article by KevW

Yeah, so we said we'd have no more Christmas tunes after the compilation album we gave away this morning, and really we've never been ones to cover much Christmas music anyway because most of it is either a cheap cash-in or a half-arsed cover to make it seem as though your favourite band is giving you a "present", when really you'll only listen to it once. Swedish indiepop group Red Sleeping Beauty will be releasing their first album in almost two decades next year, and this song is so good that it'll be featured on that - like all the best Christmas songs, you can listen to 'Merry Christmas, Marie' at any time of year.

This is probably the best song we've given away all day so it was simply too good to ignore. Beautifully melodic, a bit twee around the edges and containing all the best Scandi-pop ingredients (a lovable melody, twinkly bits, an electronic undercurrent and a nod to the jangly end of the C86 scene), it knocks all other new festive attempts this month out of the water with its sheer poppy goodness. If you've been following our bumper giveaway all day then we salute you, and if you're just catching up a few days later, or even picking through the odd track or two then we hope you find something here that you like. Merry Christmas, and don't forget to keep checking back for new free downloads every day!

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