Tuesday 22 December 2015

The Luxembourg Signal/Soft Science Split Single

Article by KevW

Does anyone remember when December used to be totally naff for new music? I guess we have to thank the internet revolution for the fact that things have changed since broadband became widely available and gave the public the choice not to put up with the flood of dire, mainstream-engineered pap that used to clog up shelves and airwaves this month. Test Pattern Records have put two completely wonderful tracks together for this split 7" single which features some top of the range shoegaze and dreampop from The Luxembourg Signal (ex Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars) and Soft Science (ex Holiday Flyer and California Oranges), so both bands have pedigree, and it shows.

'Dying Star (Cirrus)' is a song from The Luxembourg Signal's debut album, but here its been given a makeover by LOOP's Robert Hampson and contains the kind of psychedelic effects and background drone that his band were known for, not to mention enticingly nonchalant - almost lazy in fact - vocals that were made for shoegaze and are soft, sweet and mesmerising. Distorted washes of guitar effects are brought in to make this even lusher and more swoonsome. Soft Science give us the first new track since their second album 'Detour', and in 'Breaking' they take the sound of early '80s new-wave and re-imagine it as Stereolab going indiepop. It's bright, upbeat, melodic and a real earworm. Even the general public are fed up with X Factor now, so spread the love and let people know what else is around. They might just discover some new favourite songs.

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