Friday 11 December 2015

Edelweiss - Philadelphia EP

Article by KevW

It's been a steady rise for Stroudsburg trio Edelweiss (Stroudsburg is located a few miles north of the city that gives their new EP its name). They formed in 2010 and gradually went from playing basement shows to CMJ, as well as gaining good press coverage and attracting attention from Japan where they released a self-titled EP. It's easy to see how they could, and may well soon be, much bigger though, and 'Philadelphia' shows just why. The four songs here are confident and well made, as well as displaying different sides to Edelweiss' music - they don't just repeat the same style or format over and over again.

The impressive 'Winston' leads off, with an eerily quiet introduction that gives way to a thumping beat and a strong vocal. Musically it draws on post-rock dynamics, plus a little math and shoegaze. Often if you combine those genres, the result can take a few plays to show its true glory, but it's quite instant on this occasion. 'Species' is maybe more conventional alt-rock, but is no worse for it, bursting out of the blocks with a bang and making for a great single contender that shows energy and determination. They mix things up a little for 'Cookies & Brownies' which switches from the upbeat style of 'Species' to math-rock sections and bursts of harmonies; this is the best example of their eclectic style. Hardest of all is 'Goblin' which again has math-rock guitar and stuttering beats, but also a real fire in its belly that pushes it in a heavier direction. Edelweiss have a few tricks up their sleeves and it's good to hear them being used.

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