Friday 11 December 2015

Thyla - Us And Them

Article by KevW

There are more bands than there are people in Brighton nowadays, and the great thing is that a sizable proportion of them are really good. Surely it's got to be in the running for the best music scene in the UK. Thyla only formed a year ago and already sound like real contenders. They appear to have skipped the whole rough demos/lo-fi ideas phase and arrived with a fully-realised sound that can take a lot of groups a few years, maybe even a few albums to achieve. The quartet's new single 'Us And Them' is self-assured and nicely-crafted with production to match their ambition.

Perhaps the reason for this is that they've spent much of this year building their reputation by gigging as much as possible, something which will hone a band's sound better than fiddling around in practice spaces trying to record songs. So when they finally did get down to committing a couple of tracks to tape, the results were pretty engaging. With another single, 'Car Crash', still to come, Thyla are poised to start making real inroads into radio play and press coverage. 'Us And Them' is an alt-rock track that feels fluid and natural with some great vocals and a careful eye for detail. It's a bold statement but isn't cocky with it - you could say that it's Thyla letting us know they've arrived, and they're poised to make quite a splash.

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