Wednesday 30 December 2015

The Top 20 Tracks Of 2015

Article by KevW

You've checked out our Top 20 Albums Of 2015, yeah? Well now it's time for individual tracks. The original shortlist for this stood at 67 songs, and that was just the shortlist. After many plays and tough decisions, a top 40 was created. Then it was decided that a top 20 would work best, so much culling of amazing tunes took place and a limit to two tracks per artist was made, because some people were being selfish and taking up five places just because they had so many flipping good tunes. So here's The Sound Of Confusion's top 20 songs of 2015, and the Obligatory Record Of The Year. On another day the order might be different, but all of these are deserving of a place. If your favourite didn't make it, then rest assured, it was definitely number 21.

If you want to stream the list in one go, scroll down to the player at the bottom of the page. And make sure you turn it up loud...

20) Sun Machine - The Loudest Of Them

Sun Machine's website

Buy: 'The Loudest of Them'

19) The Radio Dept. - This Repeated Sodomy

The Radio Dept.'s website

Buy: 'This Repeated Sodomy'

18) The Dreaming Spires - All Kinds Of People

The Dreaming Spires' website

Buy: 'All Kinds of People'

17) Grass House - Unknown In The Scene

Grass House's website

16) Ten Fé - Make Me Better

Ten Fé's website

Buy: 'Make Me Better'

15) Diagrams - General Relativity

Diagrams' website

Buy: 'General Relativity'

14) Hazel English - Fix

Hazel English's website

13) Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Take Me Beyond

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's website

Buy: 'Take Me Beyond (Edit)'

12) MIA and Tuesday - Wall Of Sound

MIA And TUESDAY's website

Buy: 'Wall Of Sound'

11) Keep Shelly In Athens - Now I'm Ready (featuring Ocean Hope)

Keep Shelly In Athens' website

Buy: 'Now I'm Ready'

10) The Go! Team - Blowtorch

The Go! Team's website

Buy: 'Blowtorch'

9) Daisy Victoria - Pain Of Dancers

Daisy Victoria's website

Buy: 'Pain of Dancers'

8) MIA and TUESDAY - Transparent Disguise

MIA and TUESDAY's website

Buy: 'Transparent Disguise'

7) Under Electric Light - Pieces Of Me

Under Electric Light's website

Buy: 'Pieces Of Me'

6) The Creeping Ivies - Forever Leather

The Creeping Ivies' website

Buy: 'Forever Leather'.

5) Presents For Sally - Wisawaytoday

Presents For Sally's website

Buy: 'Wishawaytoday'

4) Lilies On Mars - Dancing Star

Lilies On Mars' website

Buy: 'Dancing Star'

3) The Go! Team - The Scene Between

The Go! Team's website

Buy: 'The Scene Between'

2) Girl One & The Grease Guns - The Shatterproof Man

Girl One & The Grease Guns' website

Buy: 'The Shatterproof Man'


Mercury Rev - Queen Of Swans

With the recent resurgence of the dreampop genre, Mercury Rev returned with their first album in seven years to show the pretenders how it's really done. The resulting album, 'The Light In You', was a different kind of dreampop, free of the usual tricks and effects, swapping pedals and distorted guitars for lush arrangements and excellently-crafted songs which created a magical fantasy world that totally absorbs you. Exemplifying this vision is the stately, soaring 'Queen Of Swans' which is full of cinematic beauty and awe-inspiring majesty that really raises the bar.

Mercury Rev's website

Buy: 'Queen Of Swans'

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