Wednesday 16 December 2015

Rat & Co - Spring I & II

Article by KevW

Us northern hemisphere folk may be staring down the barrel of the shortest day of the year and some suitably miserable weather to go with it, but down under spring has well and truly sprung, and Australians Rat & Co are going to make darn sure we know it. The Melbourne quartet who specialise in instrumental, ambient music that fuses electronic with more organic sounds, have recently released this two-track single in celebration of the fact that they'll be spending Christmas poncing about in shorts and T-shirts while the rest of us have already dug out hats and scarves.

Still, at least they're doing so in a way that will bring a few rays of sunshine into the lives of anyone who hears it. 'Spring I' is a fluttery song with a lightness of touch that includes flutes, spangly guitars and a steady beat that makes it drift along without a care in the world. The second part is very much that - essentially a continuation of 'Spring I' but with a different tone. 'Spring II' is similar in tempo and overall style, but is perhaps more electronic as a whole. It's a soporific treat that seems designed to be played whilst lounging about soaking up some rays. We would suggest getting them back in six months or so, but temperatures in Melbourne only drop below freezing once in a blue moon, so I guess they can just stay smug...

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