Thursday 31 December 2015

Johan Finnerman - I Wish You Knew Better/Giving In

Article by KevW

Swedish artist Johan Finnerman has recently released the double A-side single 'I Wish You Knew Better'/'Giving In', and these songs show a clear pop sensibility that wants to try and crack the mainstream while retaining both credibility and standards. These are both commercial tracks, but Finnerman doesn't let them become overly slick or engineered to jump on any passing musical bandwagons. So we have electro-pop with an indie edge that could curry favour with fans of both genres. It could be argued that he'd stand a better chance of making it if he decided to dive headfirst into one or the other, but for the time being, it's best to let him develop his sound and see where it takes him.

Pop fans will likely veer towards 'I Wish You Knew Better' which is a little bit more sugary, but doesn't totally turn to slush. It's a well made song with emotion and clear production that lends itself to coverage in more mainstream media. It may be personal preference, but 'Giving In' is probably the strongest of the two, possessing a bit more punch and energy. It could be argued that this shows his more "indie" side, but it's still very much a pop song that would easily fit daytime play on national radio. It's obvious that Johan Finnerman has some strong tunes, and there are several possibilities for him. This single is something of a fork in the road, so whether he pursues a quest to become a pop star or keeps things more alternative will be interesting to see.

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