Friday 25 December 2015

Get Me Free #124: H/S - Hey Sholay - [Hey-Sho-Lay] - Ribcage

Article by KevW

Last time we featured Yorkshire's Hey Sholay they only really had the one name (by which, for the sake of avoiding confusion, we'll refer to them as here), but now it seems we can pick from three versions. It seems as though they've been a bit quiet since that EP two and a half years ago, but have risen from their slumber again this year. 'Eyes For Me' was released back in the summer, and now they've put out free download 'Ribcage', a song that shows they've lost none of the ability which brought them to people's attention in the first place. In fact, they may have even got better.

Taking an indie-rock blueprint and sticking some bursts of scuzz in the background, 'Ribcage' does break from routine a little, using a stuttering beat for the verses which are a little coarser than when the skies part for the chorus which seems to slow down and soar, as though it was reaching for a space outside of this world. There's a mild psychedelic effect here, and elements of dreampop in the majesty of it all. Weirdly, you can even detect elements of doo-wop which is really a pleasant change. We can't tell you where they've been, or even be sure of what they're now called, but it's good to have them back.

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