Sunday 20 December 2015

House Plants - Fluffy Tales EP

Article by KevW

We featured these guys a couple of times in early 2014 when they were known as Tilapia, but for some reason they've changed their name to the awkward to Google House Plants, but at least we get a nice array of greenery when doing an image search (even when including the EP title). Still, the London-based group's music remains pretty impressive, especially on opening tune 'Aeroplane'. Lit up by a fiery guitar intro, they grab the bull by its horns and launch into a scorching shoegaze/psych track that has something of the Syd Barretts about the lyrics and vocals at some points. It's a great lead-track.

The rest of the EP might a bit be less intense but the songs all cut the mustard and the production is perfect for them. 'Romantic Lights' still has some of that sharp and fuzzed-out guitar and keeps the psychedelic edge, but is dreamier overall, and that sleepy quality is taken further on 'Fluffy Tales' which is slow and woozy to start, but then changes gear and continues the excellent guitar sound of the first two tracks with some nice backing vocals giving a '60s feel. 'Under The Moon' fits in well, taking a spangly approach to classic British indie-rock-psych, referencing their old name and generally feeling as summery and inviting as the cover art. We did say they'd be ones to watch...

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