Thursday 24 December 2015

Keiandra - Wanted

Article by KevW

The word "haunting" is a bit of cliche when it comes to reviewing music - and one I'm guilty of using as much as anyone. But being a site that covers a lot of dreampop and atmospheric music, it tends to genuinely be the best descriptive term for a lot of what we cover and sounds less pretentious than seeking out some strange alternative using a thesaurus. If there's one song more than any other this year that could be described that way then it's probably 'Wanted', the debut single from 18 year-old singer-songwriter Keiandra.

Taken from her first EP, 'Empty Palaces' which is due in the new year, this spellbinding song takes a little alt-folk, a little dreampop, some post-rock ambiance and a wonderfully seductive vocal and stirs up a cauldron of potent and eerily beautiful alt-pop. You could compare it to Mazzy Star in terms of the overall vibe, but the delicately booming production makes this even lusher and easily as affecting. For a debut release this is incredibly realised and expertly produced. It'll take herculean effort to maintain this level of compelling atmospherics, but if everything else Keiandra's got is only half as good as this, she'll be doing more than OK.

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