Saturday 12 December 2015

Marc Maynon - Something To Live For

Article by KevW

'Something To Live For' is taken from the current EP by Marc Maynon, a songwriter who was born on the US east-coast but moved to California when he was younger. Inspired by classic songwriters (T Rex and Cat Stevens being big influences), he released his debut EP, 'Download Jesus', on his 26th birthday two years ago. It's a habit he seems intent on keeping, as the follow-up, 'Watch Pot', was released on his birthday this year. Mining vintage pop, traditional songwriting and "pretty songs" for inspiration, the music he makes can vary a little in style.

Some songs on the EP are perhaps more contemporary and commercial, but 'Something To Live For' looks a bit further back in time. That said, it's hardly left-field or avant-garde, although it feels as though it belongs to a different era. This is vintage songwriting that could be from the '60s were it not for more modern production; perhaps it would have fitted in nicely with the '90s Britpop movement. It's pristine guitar-pop with a jangly sound, a hint of classic rock and some neat harmonies of the type which his current location became known for many decades ago. Maybe we can expect a full album when he turns 29 next October...

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