Thursday 10 December 2015

Chastity - You're Scary Now

Article by KevW

This new release from Ontario band Chastity really shows how dynamic and changeable they are. The full EP, titled 'Tape' and available on limited cassette and download, is quite diverse. The first track put online was 'Saliva' which is a brutal grunge/punk slam in the face that doesn't hold back on the swearing, but 'You're Scary Now' is a different kettle of fish. It's still a guitar song, but the whole atmosphere changes to offer a shoegazey sound that could be from twenty-odd tears ago. You could quite easily fool people into thinking this was two different bands.

With a simple, buzzing guitar intro that morphs into scratchy chords that retain the distortion, the song then bursts into life with a bristling energy a tunefulness that's more prominent than on other tracks. It's not just this initial rush of noise that makes 'You're Scary Now' so gripping, it continues to build right to the very end, and then stops just as it reaches a crescendo. There's an alertness to the vocals that perhaps makes this less ethereal than some more dreampop-oriented fuzz-rock songs, but that only makes it more compelling. It's all over way too quickly.

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