Saturday 12 December 2015

Get Me Free #108: Diagrams - General Relativity

Article by KevW

This year saw the introduction of "international release day", which basically brings every country in line and means that most music is now released on a Friday, whereas before, for example, UK release day was Monday and the US was Tuesday. Some people still stick to the old ways, and some people release music on specific dates that don't correspond to the industry standard (Halloween is always a popular day for example). Diagrams (the alias of Sheffield-based Sam Genders) chose Wednesday November 25th to put out new single 'General Relativity' (we're a bit behind, sorry). Why? Because that was the centenary of Einstein giving the last of the lectures on his theory of general relativity.

Diagrams became fascinated with this after reading a biography of the great man. It's a wonderful and very touching song too, both talking about aspects of the theory and transforming it into a love song: "if you and upon a light beam, rode across the universe, changing our point of view, it's only general relativity... we danced like two electrons held in the orbit of a radium ion". On paper that sounds a touch corny, but listening to it, that couldn't be further from the truth. This is a gorgeous, drifting indie-synth-pop number that bares a strong resemblance to Super Furry Animals (who, coincidentally, have also written about Einstein before). To many people, science can be boring and nerdy, but this song is anything but, it's a lovable and swoonsome song that gets better with each play.

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