Saturday 19 December 2015

The Chambermaids - Tall Grass

Article by KevW

There's almost a hesitancy to The Chambermaids' new single. The Minneapolis quartet have what could be a skyscraping shoegaze track in 'Tall Grass', but at first it feels a bit understated, although none of this is a bad thing, it's actually a nice change. Sometimes a lot can be revealed by a band's list of influences, and other times nothing at all, but with these guys you'd have to say it's quite a lot. After the opening of clanging guitar chimes that could be from the first wave of shoegaze, everything calms down.

When you read that they cite Yo La Tengo as a group they like, you instantly see the similarities with this section of the song. And that retro guitar intro probably wouldn't have been out of place on certain Flying Nun releases - another reference. 'Tall Grass' does begin to build though, and towards the end it becomes louder and starts to reach the heights that it hinted at, before fading out just as it's about to really soar. It shouldn't be a shock that My Bloody Valentine are also mentioned. The Chambermaids aren't simply copying their heroes though, they're taking music they like and rearranging its different parts to create something of their own, taking you on a quickfire journey through their record collection. All of which is made better by the fact that they have such great taste.

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