Friday 18 December 2015

GANG - Animalia

Article by KevW

Bustling musical powerhouse Brighton has thrown out another enticing tidbit, and this one's called GANG. The trio formed last year in Canterbury and have put out a coupe of acclaimed singles already, picking up national press and radio play. Perhaps contradicting the brutal, grungy intro to new single 'Animalia', they describe themselves as "3 nice boys. Our mummies love us very much". I'm sure they do, but maybe they wouldn't normally listen to music made using distorted guitars and vocals that could potentially lead to a nasty sore throat. Hopefully their mummies have some Strepsils in the medicine cabinet.

At first it's easy to categorise these guys as grunge or noise-rock, but there's a hint of psychedelia going on too, especially when you listen to their other recordings. 'Animalia' might be slacker riffs and buzzing amps, but B-side 'Breath Before Death' is much lighter and more trippy, featuring a woozy effect and a more melodic sensibility. It shows GANG as having more than one string to their bow and is an indication that they might not be just another interesting flash in the pan. It could be argued that it's as good, if not better, than the lead-track. It's probably their mummies' favourite anyway, and there'll be many more people than just family members who love them before long.

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