Sunday 13 December 2015

Eddi Front - Goldie

Article by KevW

Having released her first EP back in 2012, Eddi Front has now completed work on a debut album, with 'Goldie' being an early sample of what to expect. Currently based in New York but originally from Las Vegas, Front has created a track that piles on the atmosphere and emotion, and where it could be a simple, stripped-down song, the production, voice and piano conspire to make it much fuller than the sum of its parts would suggest. There's a definite haunted quality to 'Goldie' as well which is another aspect that makes it a compelling listen.

Vocally this feels quite intimate, but the refrain on those big piano chords creates a power and a richness in sound which takes the song somewhere else. The addition of backing vocals and subtle strings build 'Goldie' even further, but it never becomes orchestral or over dramatic; the drama is contained in its slow simplicity. If the forthcoming record contains more of the same then it's very likely to be a hit with the critics, and given the exposure it deserves (repeat plays are highly recommended), public opinion could, and hopefully will, follow suit.

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