Sunday 20 December 2015

Get Me Free #116: J Hacha De Zola - Strange

Article by KevW

"Back alley struts, dizzying waltzes, and surf-raga-samba-freakouts". Blimey, it sounds as though J Hacha De Zola's new album 'Escape From Fat Kat City' might be an interesting album. Recorded in the shadow of a maximum security "correctional facility" and an oil refinery in New Jersey, it's was built in the kind of environment that may suggest a stark, dark or industrial vibe, and judging new single, the aptly-titled 'Strange', that is true to a point, as there is a freaky, slightly disturbed element to the disjointed voice which talks about feeling lost and strange and having emotions crawling out from inside of you.

Really though, 'Strange' is a heady psychedelic soup of much less bleak music. You could say that this is perhaps what they mean by "dizzying waltz", because it does make your head spin with its warped, looping waltz and increasingly harrowing vocals. Whirling instrumentation adds to the effect which is like a haunted '60s psych-rock song that's being played at the wrong speed as the vinyl it's on is gradually melting. The more you listen to it, the more intriguing it gets. Driven by screeching guitars, and swirling accordion, 'Strange' does live up to its title and also the description they give to the forthcoming album which is due in the first week of January. It'll likely get your year off to a fantastically surreal start.

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