Sunday 13 December 2015

ESCAPISTS - Pyramid Scheme

Article by KevW

London's ESCAPISTS (one of a long line of bands who currently feel the need to style their name in big, shouty capital letters) are making easy work of following-up last year's 'Only Bones' album, having released a string of singles in 2015. The latest of these, 'Pyramid Scheme', finds them on fine form, unleashing a song that mixes the sounds of some of the most successful indie/guitar bands of recent times and stamps their own hallmarks on it, resulting in a modern form of new-wave that has the potential to set the airwaves on fire given half a chance.

ESCAPISTS are no shrinking violets, and this track sees them welding a big, contagious chorus to some big, contagious and excellently produced music - which is kind of what they've become known for. 'Pyramid Scheme' is the sound of a band on top of their game and in full flow, shunning any notions of being indier-than-thou in favour of creating music that's designed to leave a mark and reach as many people as possible without losing any credibility. That debut album was well-received, the next one might just see them go up a league.

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