Friday 18 December 2015

Get Me Free #114: Scary Little Friends - In This Lifetime

Article by KevW

It can often appear that the alternative music world goes into hibernation this time of year, as the big-hitters get their new albums and Christmas singles out just in time for the rush for people to incessantly buy as much as they can in preparation for the festive season. It's all reissues of classic albums, greatest hits compilations and boxed sets to give as presents, isn't it? Less mainstream types won't be active until after the frenzy has died down in the new year and they're given more radio and press space. At least that's the case if you forget the preparation that goes into new releases. San Francisco powerpop group Scary Little Friends have been busy prepping their new mini-album 'Silent Revolution' for release at the end of January.

So that means getting live dates sorted, alerting press so they have the record in time for potential reviews, and also building up a bit of buzz for their fans. It's not as quiet as some may think, and quiet isn't a word you'd use for 'In My Lifetime' either. This free taster from the new record, the follow-up to debut album 'From The Beginning', crashes straight into action with squalling guitar, strong vocals and an appealing surge. So many of the best powerpop bands have been trios, and Scary Little Friends can be added to that list. They have an incredibly accomplished sound that is certainly deserving of wider coverage, and 'In My Lifetime' shows that well, being instantly likeable and catchy enough to transcend the indie world and make them big-hitters themselves. January is usually a great month for new music, and with this addition on the way it's just got a bit better.

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