Tuesday 22 December 2015

Get Me Free #118: Autopilot - Oceanside

Article by KevW

So today is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, and while the UK may be experiencing an incredibly mild December, one look outside the window confirms that it is still grey, windy and chucking it down. In Autopilot's home of Saskatchewan we can assume things really are quite wintry. What better way then, to mark the shortest day of the year and the promise of more light to come, all the way up to summer, than with a warming guitar-pop tune called 'Oceanside' which is the latest single from their recent album 'Desert Dreams'. That's two titles that make you think of heat and sun in one go...

"We walked until we hit the oceanside" is sung to a classic indie/alt-rock backing which includes some nice guitar that occasionally chugs and occasionally chimes and a persistent, rock-solid beat. Musically there's a hint of dreampop in the way that the song feels like it's imagining what's going on rather than actually experiencing it first hand, and the vocals are sat right in the middle of the mix so they don't dominate the track but are by no means hidden either. The warming, soft layer of fuzz that lurks in the background adds a nice touch and makes for a good bit of escapism. A little something to tide you over until daylight returns properly.

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