Friday 25 December 2015

Get Me Free #131: Jude Woodhead - Beautiful Rain

Article by KevW

Given the recent storms to hit the UK and the US, some people might disagree with rain being beautiful - we've certainly had a lot of it. We've seen the destructive side recently, but everyone will be only too aware of TV images showing drought-hit parts of the word, so it is worth saluting the life-giving water that keeps us alive. This is exactly what 18 year-old Jude Woodhead has done with his debut single. Classically trained on trumpet, and self-taught on piano and drums, this song is perhaps a little more exotic than his background might suggest.

The Londoner takes the sounds of the African records he found in his dad's collection and fuses them with the folktronica of guys like Four Tet. This is essentially an electronic song, but one with a very unique vibe and an great attention to detail. With everything that's going on here, particularly the percussion, it would be easy for this to become cluttered, but that doesn't happen, and this shows a good level of skill and understanding on Woodhead's part. 'Beautiful Rain' impresses for a debut release, and it's found its own niche in an increasingly rammed musical landscape. Hats off.

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