Wednesday 23 December 2015

Mined - Promises

Article by KevW

New London-based artist Mined doesn't give much away, with little personal information on his (we're assuming it's a "him" because of the male vocal) social media sites. But what we do know is that he's 22 and grew up playing piano, something which has gone on to influence the music he's making now. There are three songs uploaded to SoundCloud, with the most recent being 'Promises', which was apparently written about a situation he was recently in, and also an EP in the pipeline.

'Promises' is quite a downtempo song, with sheets of synth giving a misty ambiance to the track and other electronic sounds phasing in and out, along with keys which give a nice sparkle. In a way it begins quite minimally, but grows more layered as it goes on. Different percussive sounds are introduced and offer an increasingly full sound. The lyrics apologise for breaking promises and you get the impression that there's a failed relationship involved somewhere. If you can imagine a more chilled Hot Chip with a more ethereal vocal then you'll get a reasonable approximation of where Mined is with this song. That forthcoming EP could begin to make a few ripples.

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