Thursday 31 December 2015

Terminé - Sideways EP

Article by KevW

Here's a list of what we know about Terminé: they're from Finland, there's two of them (songwriter Ben Andreas and established DJ/producer Anton Sonin) and 'Sideways' is their debut EP. They don't seem overly proficient in self-publicity and social media posting, which is to their credit. So it's purely and simply the music doing the talking on this one. The EP consists of three original songs and then two remixes, along with an extended version of the title-track. 'Sideways' is quite an accomplished piece of alternative electro-pop that gradually adds layers to back the soft vocal, utilising synths and drum machines but also guitar, crossing it over into the realms of indie just a touch. It's certainly not a niche song and could get the wider audience it deserves.

The other tracks follow suit and are each strong enough to have taken the lead. 'Turn Off The Lights' is possibly even better in fact, swirling some dreampop into the mix, upping the tempo a notch and becoming quite grandiose. They dig a bit deeper into the world of house music with 'Satellites' but still retain that crossover appeal. 'Sideways' is taken onto the dance floor by Roisto, and then Atoll Tone gives 'Turn Off The Lights' a pounding, weighty beat and a dash of psychedelic trance. As good as these versions are, it's really the original songs that are worth checking out the most, because Terminé have found themselves not only a very good and universal sound, but the quality of songcraft to go with it.

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