Friday 18 December 2015

Cor Blanc - Roma

Article by KevW

Cor Blanc, a duo consisting of Mirela Bernat and Sergi Serra Mir, only put out their debut album, 'Pròleg en Fred', in October as a cassette and download release (you can throw in a rather nice T-shirt too if you so wish), and 'Roma' is the second single to be lifted from it. Coming with it is a dark (literally) video that's quite minimal and simplistic, but at the same time it's glitchy, experimental and a little mysterious. In that respect it very much mirrors the music which is fairly difficult to categorise but sounds bang up to date and nicely unique.

Melding electronic and organic is nothing new, but what could be a delicate and subtle alt-folk track is taken somewhere else thanks to thumping beats and plenty of pulsating beeps and bloops. 'Roma' has been called dreampop and there are elements of that to be found, not least in the soft female vocal, but you also get elements of trip-hop and even krautrock creeping into the mix. Whatever you call it, it's a top quality tune with a simplicity and depth in equal measures which makes it rather hypnotic. This pair from Barcelona are definitely ones to watch.

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