Wednesday 23 December 2015

The Migrant - Flood

Article by Tony Young

The Migrant's most recent release, 'Flood', demonstrates the psych-folk-pop sound the band has carved out for itself since their 2011 release 'Amerika'. The first half of the album finds itself engaging and even gives hints of some Americana influence without coming off as contrived, while the second half of the release enables for a more intimate experience with Bjarke Bendsten as his voice meanders a reverb drenched space.

'Belly of a Man' and 'Water' are perhaps the two most psyched out tracks on the album and lose touch with the band's folk side for a bit, although it's a rewarding venture as they flex some of the band's most memorable hooks and fuzzed out guitars. There's plenty to digest and to become familiar with on 'Floods', and if anything The Migrant have presented a palatable enough experience for when you're looking for your next 'Veckatimest' or 'Hummingbird'. 

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