Wednesday 30 December 2015

Dödens Dal - På Natten, Ovan Molnen

Article by Tony Young

From what I've gathered, 2015 seems to have been a rough year for most people. With the recent verdict in the Tamir Rice case in the United States, and the death of rock n' roll legend, Lemmy Kilminster, there's certainly been the fair share of events to prompt one's grieving. It seems appropriate then, coming across the Swedish electronic duo Dödens Dal's 'På Natten, Ovan Molnen' at the close of 2015.

'På Natten, Ovan Molnen' is the third album in Dödens Dal's trilogy dealing with grief. As the electronic group explains: "Back in the days people built cathedrals with their bare hands to deal with death, the least we could do was to make a album trilogy".

With its namesake translating to 'At Night, Above the Clouds', the highly compressed soundscape finds a bit of trouble gaining momentum or finding a place to go. It presents itself for what it is, in particular with its flat and highly textural artwork. It's melodic and enveloping, but ultimately Dödens Dal gets stuck in a rut as they trudge along in their lamentation.

That's not to say 'På Natten, Ovan Molnen' doesn't have anything to offer. 
The single, 'Det Som Följer', would appeal to anyone looking for a follow track in their playlist to Massive Attack's 'Mezzinine' or darker Miami Vice theme. The variety of electronic instrumentation offers any listener a world to contemplate, and perhaps even a friendlier step into ambient music for the post-rock fan in search of a new venture.

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