Tuesday 22 December 2015

Orchin - Anew

Article by KevW

Orchin is the musical guise of Los Angeles resident Jeremy McLennon who, it would appear, only started releasing tracks this year. His first single, 'When No One's Around', was out in September and was a surging, lo-fi alt-pop number that hurtled along as though it was about to trip over itself, which it turned out was actually quite an endearing quality. To follow that debut is 'Anew' which was released earlier this month and doesn't just replicate what he did before, although it does share certain characteristics.

'Anew' is more subtle and less in your face than 'When No One's Around', slowing the pace to a make for a slightly lovelorn feeling ballad. The lo-fi alt-pop sound is still in place so there's a smooth transition from the first single to this and it doesn't sound like a different artist. It's difficult to know whether it's worth Orchin pushing the boat out and aiming for chart success by bringing in a touch more studio sheen. It's a tactic that might just work if he has a good enough standard of songs, which seems to be the case, but on the other hand, this form of "unpopular music" is really quite nice as it is, so maybe it's best not to gloss over what is a more personal and lovable style.

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