Tuesday 15 December 2015

Get Me Free #111: the black watch - Pershing/Harvard Square

Article by KevW

It's difficult to believe that Los Angeles group the black watch have been around for 27 years and aren't more widely known than they are. The last time we featured them was in 2013 with the release of (what we though was) their 18th album. Apparently they've split up and reformed since then, and are now back with yet another LP. The press release says it's their 13th, and they probably know better than we do - either way, that's a lot of music. 'Highs And Lows' is more brilliant guitar-pop that takes a clear influence from the golden era of the genre (the band mention they're fans of the labels Flying Nun, Creation and 4AD which says quite a lot). Many of the groups on those labels were contemporaries of these guys though, and so perhaps shouldn't be considered influences.

For a free sample of the delights on the new record, and for those who are yet to stumble upon these unsung heroes, they're giving away 'Pershing/Harvard Square' as a free download. Written over a coffee one morning, the song is about LA types who think they're super cool or quirky, a bit like (as the song mentions) Chrissie Hynde. In fact, the black watch say this is probably the first track to mention the Pretenders frontwoman by name, so they've never heard 'Chick Singers' by Dan Bern or 'Girls In Rock' by Lovebugs then, but, frankly, who cares when you make songs this good. Guitar that's a bit jangly and a bit fuzzy, a hooky melody, great lyrics and a stomping beat make 'Pershing/Harvard Square' a tune that deserves to give this band the attention they should have had for the past few decades.

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