Monday 28 December 2015

Get Me Free #135: Lasse Løberg - O Leão

Article by KevW

Do you like your music to be a "fresh mix of dillaesque beats, lindstrømish vibes and gilbertorian convenience"? I We thought you probably did, and that's exactly what you'll find (apparently) on this debut solo EP from German musician Lasse Løberg who's travelled the continent in search of sounds and ideas and, with the help of his samplers, woven them into five songs that are experimental and ambient without being so avant-garde as to be something you sit and admire as opposed to something you want to listen to for fun.

There are vocal samples and jazzy touches found on 'London's Lonesome Park', and a cut up drone to the choppy 'Good Times' which is laden with humming electronics. You could probably guess by its name that 'Endless Ancestral Landscapes' is the most ambient piece, with otherworldly and contorted voices drifting in and out of the groaning background. The title-track in also more of a soundscape but feels heavily indebted to early Kraftwerk and has a dubby beat that keeps it interesting. 'O Leão' is the best entry point to 'Fantof Safari' though, so it's no wonder it's the first song here. With more chopped up, drifting vocal sounds, bass-heavy beats and atmospheric electronics it has all the ingredients of what's to come distilled into one track. Soothing and chilled, you probably need this EP if you've been celebrating Christmas in style.

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