Thursday 3 December 2015

Forever Cult - Tunnel Vision

Article by KevW

The Too Pure Singles Club has thrown up some great tunes, and the next in their series is Leeds band Forever Cult whose 'Tunnel Vision' was released this week, not long after previous single 'Antonio Banderas'. At first it would be easy to dismiss this track as another decent, if not uncommon grungy alt-rock tune with a few nice hooks, but you soon realise it's a bit better than that. The format may well be pretty standard and the path they walk is well-trodden, but the catchy element and dynamic, energetic sound hauls this above the norm.

A few second of feedback greet us before overdriven guitar and battered drums kick in to give a US alt-rock sound that owes a debt to the college scene of two decades ago. Throw in some poppy "ooh-ooh oohs" and then a full-on, scuzzed-out guitar solo and the track's character is built. You don't always need to stretch the boundaries of what constitutes rock and pop music, sometimes just a decent tune that's carried out with a freshness and a hearty determination will get the blood pumping that bit faster, and that's exactly what Forever Cult have achieved here.

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