Saturday 12 December 2015

Savants - Dream Machine

Article by KevW

There's a heavy '60s vibe going on with the video to Savants' single 'Dream Machine', and it's matched by the music. This is a throwback of sorts, taking much from the psychedelia and garage rock of that era, but not aping it closely enough to be a mere imitation -and  they do bring in modern aspects. The Brooklyn group released a debut limited edition cassette at the start of 2014, but this autumn saw their first album proper. 'Dream Machine' was originally a single a year ago, but has now been given some extra attention with the arrival of the self-titled full length, becoming the recipient of Savants' first ever video.

The visuals are a great accompaniment, adding to the song whereas some videos have the opposite effect. The song itself is a mixture of sounds that could have appeared on a 'Nuggets' compilation, along with more modern garage bands. It's pretty likely that these guys are familiar with The Velvet Underground, as there's a vocal similarity at times, and fellow garage types Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are probably somewhere in 'Dream Machine''s family tree as well. Take some organ and psych effects from Barrett-era Pink Floyd and the picture is almost complete. This may have a few borrowed ideas, but sometimes the best things are made up of spare parts, and in this instance that rings true, but it shouldn't detract from Savants' own talent which is clear to see.

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