Saturday 12 December 2015

False Heads - Steal and Cheat

Article by KevW

Apparently there were a few line-up changed before East London's False Heads settled on the trio of Luke Griffiths, Jake Elliott and Barney Nash. They appear to have hit the right combination though, as their debut EP picked up some good coverage, including national press and radio play. With a new single released this month, they're building up quite a head of steam. 'Steal and Cheat' is perhaps the best this young band have delivered so far, mixing the sounds of modern indie and punk together with a palpable hunger and energy.

We've all heard stories about tin foil hats worn by conspiracy theorists to prevent their minds being attacked or accessed, well it seems as though False Heads have taken this a step further in the video, making sure they're safely cocooned in a room made of the stuff. We do get some form of access into their inner workings through their music though, and this very British and vibrant sounding track is sharp and fresh with some deft lyrics. There's a certain mod element to this too, and it sounds smart and sussed, as well as being nicely frayed around the edges. A step forward from a very promising group.

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