Wednesday 30 December 2015

Enlarge Your Monster - Facing

Article by Tony Young

Enlarge Your Monster isn't messing around when it comes to their self-titled debut. An excellent collection of dark and brooding riffs, the France-based group should prove to make headway with their brand of stoner sludge if they keep it up. A taste of EYM's southern rock and blues influences are made readily apparent and the heavily affected vocals sit just above the ruckus to tempt you closer into their lair. Phillip Badey's vocals croon somewhere between Elvis and Danzig. Although the drums could benefit from a more roomy sounding, natural take, it's a minor complaint for an album that has so much going for it.

Their standout track, 'My Friend', arrives on the scene with a lit cigarette in hand and broken-in leather jacket. It gets you riled up and your head banging with the same conviction and gusto of a Volbeat performance. Before you know it, EYM's already driven off on a chopper into the night never to be seen again. Definitely a must hear for any hard rock fan.

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