Thursday 24 December 2015

Fonija - ... bez ime

Article by Tony Young

Fonija's fifth LP, ​'..​. bez ime', has proven to be the band's most mature, well crafted release to date while remaining rooted to their hardcore identity. At times Fonija dabbles on the cusp of power pop and even comes at the heels of 2000s hardcore acts such as Driver's Side Impact.

Vasko Atanasoski and Deni Krstev's approach to this Fonija release is much more open when compared to the slightly more claustrophobic, and at times exhausting, 'Mojot pekol'. '... bez ime' still exhibits the same driving, four-to-the floor song structures that made us fall in love with Fonija none the less, and gives us a little more. Some of the band's more playful, interesting guitar and bass lines can be picked out from 'Robot ili dete' and 'Ulici bez ime'. 

Their signature melodic instrumentation, snappy snares, and choice sounds give way to songs that might not have been seen on previous releases. In particular, the moody bass in 'Vreminja' against Krestev's echoing vocals is haunting and prompts any listener for a good sing along. Had the lyrics been in English, one might mistake Fonija for an integral Rochester act given their recent punk renaissance. '... bez ime' not only contributes to Fonija's prolific catalogue, but marks a progressive step forward in the band's timeline. 

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