Saturday 19 December 2015

Dead Heart Bloom - Motion

Article by KevW

As we found out with the track 'Gather Up' which we featured back in September, Dead Heart Bloom have been playing around with their sound a bit of late. With renowned producer Anthony Molina at the helm, that song moved them away from dreamier pastures to a more glam-infused psychedelic rock sound. It was quite a contrast but it worked. Along with that track, the New York band are releasing 'Motion' from the same sessions to close out an interesting year for them - one that might have seen them consciously shift in a permanent new direction. Time will tell...

Here the band also showcase a beefier sound, but one that has more in common with fuzz-rock than glam, although there are still traces of that genre bubbling under the surface, 'Motion' is big and bold and shows a new-found confidence, not that they were lacking in that respect before, but there is something more self-assured about this song. Perhaps Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are in vogue at the moment, because several recent releases have recalled their sound to a certain extent, and this is no different. It's less scuzzy though, instead opting for a rock-solid beat and a truly energising sound. Some bands fall flat on their faces when trying to diversify, but Dead Heart Bloom have got it sussed.

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