Saturday 26 December 2015

Get Me Free #133: Prints Jackson - Christmas Mourning

Article by KevW

One last seasonal treat from us before we put Christmas to bed for another year. As mentioned previously, we're not ones to start posting festive songs just for the sake of it, and will only do so if they're worth listening to at any time of year. That's most definitely the case with the latest from Welsh wizard Prints Jackson and his quest to deliver a new song every month until the day he dies, because 'Christmas Mourning' isn't just a great tune, it's one of the best songs he's recorded to date - and given the excellent, and seemingly increasingly high standard of this series, that's saying something.

'Christmas Mourning' has all the regular ingredients of Christmas songs: lyrics about coming home, bells, references to mistletoe and tinsel, and even a flipping choir, but it still doesn't sound like a retread or music by numbers. A quiet, slightly lo-fi twinkle to begin with, this has a top melody from the off, but as more and more is added it becomes really quite stately. It's not easy to make this kind of track without it feeling like a cliche, but Prints Jackson has managed to craft a thing of real beauty that you might just put on repeat a few times (I did). If this had been released by someone famous it'd be all over the place right now.

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