Friday 4 December 2015

Timeslides - This Is The End

Article by KevW

London-based one-man band Timeslides kick up another shoegazey storm on new track 'This Is The End', which follows on from the excellent 'Get Well Soon' which was released in the summer. Yusuf Laher refers to himself as a "time waster" and correctly claims his third single is "pop music with bloody sleeves". It's a description we'd go along with, because there are pop melodies involved here, but perhaps not quite as much as on 'Get Well Soon' - 'This Is The End' is more of an aural assault that slaps you round the chops with a combination of scree and vigour.

All the best shoegaze songs are built on tunefulness, even if it is buried below several feet of distortion and effects, and this is no different. An urgent, commanding beat jumps right in from the start and is soon followed by lots of guitar noise that switches between a scratchy riff in the verses to a free-flowing buzz in the chorus, while vocally it doesn't hide like others in this genre can do. Everything is upfront and easy to hear, which is quite a feat given the overall melee. With this knack of combining noise-rock with a melodic sensibility, Timeslides is looking more and more like a hot prospect.

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