Saturday 19 December 2015

Cheers Elephant - Steak Knife

Article by KevW

The SoundCloud page of Philadelphia's Cheers Elephant proudly states "Best Indie Rock Haircuts 2007-2014". As no references are cited we can only assume that's an award they've given themselves, which I guess is a bit less self-aggrandising than claiming to be the best indie rock band. It would be interesting to know (if you're reading this, guys) who the winners for 2015 are. But perhaps that hasn't been announced yet. Luckily, Cheers Elephant aren't all about looking right, or they wouldn't have lasted this long.

New single 'Steak Knife' is a fun-filled powerpop tune with one foot in modern garage rock. It's a bit like a less scuffed-up Strokes if they had a penchant for adding '60s style "la la las" as backing vocals. In fact, another close comparison to Cheers Elephant is The Postelles - a band who've also has Strokes comparisons and have even had Albert Hammond Jr produce for them. 'Steak Knife' is maybe a bit brighter and poppy than either of those groups though, and it brings a welcome bit of (non Christmas themed) cheer to these dark days.

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