Friday 18 December 2015

PREMIERE: Trick Mist - Tummy Speak (Gap Series Video 2)

Article by KevW

When we premiered 'Tampering Happy', the first track from Manchester-based Irishman Trick Mist's debut EP 'Jars In Rows' a couple of months ago, we were given a droning, experimental piece of electronic pop with a rich vocal. The rest of the release showed a great diversity and a variety of ways of interpreting music. Interpretation is key to his 'Gap Series', whereby a video will be released every fortnight for the next couple of months with no input from Trick Mist himself. Instead, several artists were invited to give their own interpretations of the music and put these to film.

The fuzzy, abstract and just a bit spooky video to 'Tummy Speak' was created by musician and visual artist Jim O'Donoghue Martin (also known as VIDEO BLUE) using a laptop with a cracked screen. The song is about how the feeling of love impacts us physically, although the lyrics are sometimes strange and almost abstract. Gone is the violin drone, with an array of electronic sounds in its place making an unusual, slightly disjointed track that seems to exist in a space of its own, ending with the odd refrain of "she knocks on strange doors". It reels you in though, and the video accompaniment serves only to enhance the feeling of stumbling upon a bizarre dreamworld where nothing is quite as it should be.

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