Friday 11 December 2015

The Hotelles - Dreamboat

Article by KevW

On the surface, London trio The Hotelles (who all share the same surname, so are possibly brothers) cite northern soul and '60s girl groups as influences, something which isn't readily apparent on the title-track of their new EP 'Dreamboat'. This song generally has more in common with indie/garage bands from this century, but it's very strong melodically. Looking a little further into the EP we find tracks such as 'Significant Other' which take the melodic side of things even further: you can tell that this isn't your run of the mill British indie band.

'Dreamboat' itself hardly apes others that closely either. The guitar strums may be well-worn, but they carry a lightness with them, and when you combine that with some excellent harmonies you get a glimpse of what The Strokes might sound like of they were powered by rays of sun rather than other substances. Or maybe what would have happened if The Beach Boys had formed after watching an Arctic Monkeys gig. The Hotelles are a cut above others in their field thanks to stronger songs and better melodies, but at the same time they have the right sound not to alienate fans of garage-rock. It could prove to be a successful formula.

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