Sunday 13 December 2015

Wildcat Apollo - Kaleidoscopic

Article by KevW

Austin, Texas is a real powerhouse when it comes to the world of alternative music, it always has been and for many different reasons. One of those is its claim to be the world capital of psychedelia. There are other contenders, but Austin's credentials are hard to beat and go right back to pioneers such as The 13th Floor Elevators. There are plenty of current bands carrying the torch though, and Wildcat Apollo are one of them (despite stating in their biography that they're actually the remnants of an ancient, lost race of feline space people who originated in the Andromeda galaxy...).

If such a strange notion seems a little obtuse, then it doesn't carry to their music which is far less wacky and surreal. 'Kaleidoscopic' is more of a lush piece of modern psych-pop that doesn't hang on the coattails of bands that have gone before too much. It's not a '60s throwback, nor is it an attempt to cash in on successful modern psych bands. Wildcat Apollo have their own way of doing things and make good use of electronic beats, washes of sound and female backing vocals, avoiding any cliches as they do so. There's a groove to 'Kaleidoscopic' too, but again it's not what you may expect. Whether from another world or not, they're treading their own path.

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