Thursday 31 December 2015

The Khost - Waking Indigo

Article by KevW

From what we can gather, Austin group The Khost have existed in one form or another for a while, as have the three songs on their 'Waking Indigo EP', but they decided to record them again with their current line-up and put them out earlier this year. You'd have to say they're fairly accurate when describing their music as "melodic, chant-driven post-rock with a dash of math-rock". 'Feathers' certainly fits the bill in that respect, with slightly noodly guitars melded with the dynamics of post-rock, and they take this ambiance even further with the seven-minute epic 'Golden Bodies'.

Lead-track 'Parallelogram' is more subtle than 'Feathers' and more instant than 'Golden Bodies', but it is an atmospheric piece. Chimes of guitar steadily build as the beat jumps in to accompany them, and then a drifting vocal talks of summertime is a dreamy way that could be considered at the ethereal end of dreampop. Math-rock guitars do make a fluttering appearance but are largely there to add to the texture of the song rather than take the lead. It's a hazy and soothing tune that's great for cosying up to as we bring the year to an end.

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